Friday, December 12, 2008

Introspection – Deewar ishtyle!!

Long after he had disappeared last, I managed to sight him yet again. GAWD had last appeared on November the 28th and that was 2007, the last year. He was back yesterday, by himself. This was post my prolonged, fanatic search to get him answer a couple of very important questions had failed. This time he was on a Deewar mode, may be some retro movie festival running somewhere in the world had caught his fancy.

Entering in like the typical angry young (I told you he's a great actor) man himself, he started off…

“Your classmates are all well settled, they have cars, bungalows, jewelry, bank balance and ESOP…. Tere paas kya hai?”

That was enough to wake the Shashi in me up, for I have been party to this man’s partisan politics for more than 30 years now.

The deep and resolute me replied in a firm tone…

Mere paas… VSOP hai

Cheers GAWD!!