Saturday, June 27, 2009

We know, but still don't know...

We are so anisometric that we don’t know how longer our other limb is

I am, would be and have been a self confessed fan of Nirvana, I remember having cried the day Kurt Cobain died, rather shot himself down. I till date follow Francisca’s life. I love the man and his music and I think he is god or rather one of them.

Smells like teen spirit is one of my favorite albums, I still have the magnetic tape (cassette) which might or might not play

And I know all the songs there by heart, at least the titles

I am sure every other Cobain fan would do so

Did we ever realize that there is a song titled “Aneurysm” in Smells like teen spirit ??

If at all we did…

Did we ever care to know what Aneurysm is ??

At least I didn’t at least till he called me and she spoke to me a while later

This is what Aneurysm is… Let’s spread the word

It is exactly 5 years as of today…

I still remember…

How you apologized for being 10 minutes late to Coffee Day, the place where we first met in Madras

I do remember how badly I was hung over and how best I tried dissuading you, not to fall into the trap

I would never forget that 5.32p call I made the same day, confessing how I’d fallen for you

That sincere “Will you marry me” from my side

And that playful “That is a serious question. I might have to speak to my parents” and of course the “Let our families meet formally" decision you made

The number of F words I uttered during our marriage, facing up to the customs, friends, relatives and others. Whom I had never faced in my life in such fearsome frenzy

The way you tried freshening the air inside our (first nights) bedroom when your mother knocked for coffee, post that smoke I’d just had

How you cried on my lap when that month and a half disappointment happened before Anirudhha happened

The smile when you saw me gate crash in to your ward at 6.15a the day after Aniruddha was born

Your eyes when I smelled Aniruddha’s forehead for the first time, the day after he was born

That “Leaving on the Jet plane” of Janis Joplin (which I love) you played when you, with Anirudhha in your arms sent me off to Dubai

The hug, the day when you and Anirudhha landed in Dubai after three months of his birth

And the good life you have made possible thereafter

It’s five years and I don’t think it is. Feels like we just left that Rs 3 tips for that coffee at Coffee Day, I can smell that Lavender room freshener that camouflaged the smoke, our wedding video, the stupid look I had on my face just after I had uttered that “Nth” F word, our faces when we met for the first time with Anirudhha on your lap. And all those difficult things I can never write about, the way you made me see them through.

I love you Roopa K

Thursday, June 04, 2009

A three and a half's mind tonight

That is my three and a half year old son.

His music sense puzzles me...

I was in my 9th class when I heard my first non Indian music album, which was then classified as POP. Yes, in CAPS.
Jacko it was and "Beat it" was the tune.

It was a solo listen and dance, for if my parents knew I was listening to this alien music I would probably not be blogging now. It might have been my epitaph tune, that.

But I still listened, underground. Can we imagine a Michael Jackson underground today ?? Okay folks... he is underground most of the times... but I meant his music, the records (CDs)

Today a three and a half sings "Fat bottomed girls" along...

Does he know what FAT is ??

Or what BOTTOM is...

I am sure he knows neither

But he knows his Freddie uncle and his music...

Let it play on !!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It is a warm-up they say...

Is it ??

Can you call an India - Pakistan encounter a warm-up game ??

Would you ??

This debate of "Is it ? Is it not ?" would go on for hours.

For this and more on the match, as it progresses Bored Cricket Crazy Indians have a fantastic plan or should I say platform ?

Yes, it is bigger and better than that mundane score card you see online.

Why only Online ? It's even bigger than watching the match on TV.

Imagine a comment you made about that stupid shot Sehwag or Afridi played being heard by a huge bunch of cricket lovers from all around the world ?

Imagine your small comment triggering a cracker of a discussion ?

Now tell me... Do you want this match to be just another warm-up ?

Or, would you want to join us in our virtual stadia and play along live ??

Do join the Twelfth man and the other "able" men from BCC! this evening !!