Saturday, March 07, 2015

Letter to a dear friend...

Dear Prof.,

Greetings !!

I beg to differ on lot of things you had said in our whatsapp conversation. In fact, I will use a stronger word, that I DISAGREE on the things you say. Let us go point by point to see why.

a.      That map isn’t the true picture of India: Why do I think so ? Rape or atrocities on women is not unique to India. I am not going to give you statistics and start a discourse about “rape per capita” of India vis-à-vis western countries. When SIR Jimmy Saville, the great BBC presenter was mired in child sex abuse cases no one in England painted a map of it with crying children. Rape is horrific and to condone this pop culture of painting a whole country’ map with that and to say that that is the true picture of our country is just SAD (yes, in caps)

b.      Are we now a sick society ? NO (again in caps): Please do remember that this society which you call sick is the one that houses people like your father, brother, husband, friends like me and many more who don’t believe in and are strongly against the abuse of women. We all make this society, so to call it sick is calling all of us sick. Painting all of us black in one stroke is just NOT RIGHT (again in caps). But yes, there are some sick people in our society like in any other society. Like another famous English man and glam rock singer Gary Glitter. Another English pedophile, do people like him make England a sick society ?

c.      You say you need that documentary to make people aware of such things: Didn’t we not have press coverage of the incident itself ? Didn’t we have many debates about how to change the mindset then ? And how do you think that a BBC documentary that is mainly for western consumption, to show us as savages that was also going to be telecast in an Indian English news TV that is #2 or #3 among English news TV will make people aware ? Who are the people you are referring to ? People like you and me ? But we already know and are aware of this thing. I don’t have girls, yes. But I do speak to my boys about respecting fellow human beings irrespective of caste, creed, colour, sex or occupation. So I don’t need to be educated about such things and I think you don’t have that need too. Do you think this documentary will reach those who need to be reached ? I don’t think the motive was to educate or make OUR (caps again) people aware of such things. Did BBC make a documentary of Saville, Glitter or the famous VIP pedophile ring with the intention of informing, educating and make the British society aware of the evils it was facing ? NO (caps again !!) The motive here is to show us as a sick society of savages who run around raping and abusing women. And that my dear friend is just not on

This documentary is sick, perverse and paints all of us Indian men with the same brush as rapists and abusers of women. My mother, sister, wife and many of my good friends including you are women. I respect each one of them for what they are and would continue to. Not only that, I will also educate my boys to continue this tradition of respecting the people who bring us to life, our women. And I don’t need BBC to preach me about respecting women. Let them go do it in their country, talk about the many pedophiles, rapists and savages they have.

And these so called “liberals”, the sepoys of the west among us who promote such discourse that shows our great country in poor light ? God bless them.

You, Professor play an important role shaping the future of this country. So please tell the future generation how great a country we are and how we should be. Educate the future about these lumpen elements in our midst and how to quell them from our society. But please don’t be party to this, “We are a sick society” discourse. It is just disrespecting your father, brother, husband & your friends like me and many more. We don’t want a generation that hates men or views all of them with suspicion.

Bharat MATA Ki Jai !!