Friday, June 27, 2014

10, what a small number...

10 was a small number till a while back, my sons knew that from times I don’t remember.

If you want to test me about “Times”

I know all the important details…

Their names, as they are spelt in official papers with the exception of a stray “d”, “h”, “t” & “a”

Their dates of birth, to the year plus or minus 2

And believe me, even the class they are in, at least 2 in 12 times

Ok, coming back to the story… 3,650 days, many things have happened in the interim

A big move, geographically

A bigger move, the birth of a son

Even bigger, setting up a young family at a distant land unknown

And bigger, getting a school admission for the son

More, when the second son was born

Much more, when he got to the same school as his elder brother

And yes, the biggest of all…

Something that was the BIG, great start of these small big things above

The day when RoopaK took up a great challenge, the greatest of her life till

Anirudhha & Anantaa got together

Yes, it is 10 years since she committed the blunder of her life

I have no shame in admitting that I am Mr RoopaK and it is 10 years since that name change of mine happened

Thank you RoopaK for the wonderful and most adventurous 10 years we have had…

I am sure I haven’t lived up to your standards and I am not sure I ever will

Sweets, here’s to many more…