Thursday, July 01, 2010

Vin Sinners: Howz that ?

VIN SINNERS, I am proud I know this guy.

Listen to the first track “Something to believe in” and you will know why.

Some truly original music, mind blowing stuff …

My untrained ears can hear strains of Mark Knopfler in the first track (who actually rocks like he never has !!).

The second (Book of faces) is something that gets me reminisce "Indus Creed" the foremost of the popular Indian bands to reach out to the public. The track for me sounded a bit of an “Indian Rock” the mandatory you see in the Bollywood movies these days.

“The wise man” compensates if at all are disappointed with the “Book of faces” like I have. It would actually be a wise bet listening to this track before one proceeds to the “Book of faces”. This one is a truly rocking track. Here, I can hear James Hetfield & a Bruce Dickinson and more.

The next track is an alternative version. And frankly the untrained me doesn’t understand what an alternative version means.

Overall, as you are driving in your car am sure this is an album which would make your way back home lively and the one that would get you charged-up as you are one your way to work.

In total an album I would want to have in my car.

PS: I haven’t talked about the lyrics as yet as we only have one song in full “Something to believe in”, you get to read bits of it on the left side of the reverberation screen if you are like me, smarter people would realize how brilliant the lines are hearing !!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Finally the hibernation is over...

At least on BCC! as of today...

Posted a blog on Bored in defense of Lalit Modi. I post my blog and move on to the Indian news TV websites and what do I see ?

I see a story about one of my favorites talking about the issue. Sharp tongued Bishen Bedi lashing it out on the whole BCCI & IPL establishement.

Going by what the acerbic Paaji has said in the interview, it looks like Angad wouldn't be back for the next IPL season.

Keep talking sir !! We love you talking