Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The case against Sri Jayendra Saraswati & the breaking India forces

Before we get started, let me give a bit of a background as to how we arrived at this old Twitter conversation (from January 2016).

Last weekend, my sister-in-law whatsapp-ed a speech by Seeman, one of the many CM aspirants from
Tamil Nadu about Lord Ganesha. Although it was outright derogatory, I didn't find anything original in what he said (let's keep that for another post), I responded saying that and adding that it is the standard fare of the "Breaking India" forces to do such stuff. 

This got us talking about the "Breaking India" forces. At this point a cousin asked me if this ("Breaking India" forces) has any correlation with the arrest & subsequent harassment of the present Acharya of Kanchi, Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swami.

At this point I remembered this 1981 interview of the Kanchi Paramacharya, where he had spoken clearly about the menace of appeasement and pandering to minorities.  Paramacharya was known for his clarity of thought and also to speak his mind. So this interview in my view is something that accentuated the sustained hate campaign by the "Breaking India" forces against the Kanchi Kamakoti Peeta.   

This interview was posted on twitter by a very respected, learned man, a Senior Professor (whom I am not naming at this point in time as I haven't asked his permission to put our private conversation out in public). 

I retweeted the interview posted adding my comments. 

The Professor was curious to know why I said that, which I explained in a set of 11 private messages (on Twitter) to him.

These 11 points explain why I think Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swami was targeted, harassed and hounded.  
  1. The Dravidian project and their animus against Hindus in general & Brahmins in particular is well known
  2. There were many other things that were propped up by this movement with the help of the missionary / Indology research money
  3. Among the major beneficiaries of this funding are the people masquerading under the cover of Dalit movements and other anti-Hindu / Brahmin forces (there is a thesis that even some bigger players are beneficiaries but that is to be substantiated yet, so let us not talk about it for now)
  4. One of the things they did was to equate the Dalits of India to the African-Amercians and this resulted in the starting of something we all know as the Afro-Dalit Project
  5. This Afro-Dalit Project (ADP) has a much stronger connection with TN thanks to the Dravidian theory (mainly thanks to Bishop Caldwell) and this farce of the continent of Lemuria. This thesis says that Africa and India were connected and possibly the Africans & Dravidians share the same race / gene structure (which is a farce that has been disproved)
  6. I am sure you know of someone called Dr Deivanayagam & his daughter Dr Devakala, they are among the rabid missionary characters who talk about 3 things (major part of their discourse is this)... (1) Sanskrit is an oppressive Aryan language (2) The Aryans subjugated the poor Dravidians by deceit and destroyed their glorious civilization (3) Thankfully St Thomas landed in Madras and brought god to the heathens and civilized them (and eventually got killed by scheming Brahmins)
  7. One of the major works of Deivanayagam talks about how Thirukkural is a Christian work and how Thiruvalluvar is a disciple of St Thomas (let us park this part in the side for now and return to our main discussion)
  8. So essentially the major focus of these Breaking India forces is to convert as much as Dravidians possible and for them, the Dalits are easy pickings
  9. Now comes Swami Jayendra Saraswati in 2002 when he strikes right at the heart of their scheme. It all started with the Veera Kaliamman Kovil in Melur when the Acharya started this wonderful thing of putting the Dalits at ease with Sanatana Dharma 
  10. This was seen as a major major threat for the Dravidian moment & the missionary work that was being carried out and that is when the outright scheming against Sri Jayandra Saraswati in particular and the Matha in general started gaining pace
  11. This was accentuated by the thought that Sri Jayendra was instrumental for bringing the Anti-conversion law that was enacted by the TN government and also the bill against Animal Sacrifice. So they panicked and that is when they started doing what they did to silence
    Sri Jayendra & the Matha
It is high time we realized how the "Breaking India" forces operate and start countering it as ONE community !!

Thanks due to my cousin, Karthik who forced me to put together this little article !!