Sunday, March 20, 2011

The feeling of saying a goodbye...

As “The Corrs” song, “Goodbye” blasted through my little big car stereo I was driving out of MEC, Dubai’s parking. As I waved off to one of MEC parking’s many friendly neighbourhood Pakistani security guards, I was feeling different. Very different from the last time I did this, apart from the fact that it was Jethro Tull who was with me as I waved off and it was 8p, there was a major difference.

I had a joblist ready for the next day in office and I had told Ashwini, Agnello & Raju that I would meet them on Sunday.

Today was my last day at office, I had already given away the access card and the parking permit which were like Karna’s armour for me. Mathew had already read the list of my end of service benefits, how they added up to that handsome sum and when he would deposit that crossed cheque into my loan laden ADCB account.

Mani had sent me the two cardboard boxes, slightly bigger than 5 year old Anirudhha’s pencil box to which I loaded my belongings. After a hearty lunch with my team, a cake cutting and a ceremonial opening of my parting gifts, I was ready to go. End of sentence.

As I waited at the exit of the lane next to the office, to join the main stream Media City I was feeling heady, gasping for breath. I felt like one of those Zardari’s non state actors. Not what they exactly were, but someone who didn’t have a state or as someone who just lost his state, his identity.

I had just renounced my rights at MEC / mc2. I wondered who I was, of course when Sidhartha renounced he was Buddha and me ?

Four years of relationship, new office, pitches won & lost, fights, appraisals, less bonus, low increments, four birthday cakes, one more son in the family, it was a fairytale journey. If there were rollercoasters in fairytales that is exactly the journey I’m talking about.

I don’t have a joblist for tomorrow, I can wake up anytime I want. I can wear my favorite jeans, T-shirt and sneakers, watch television, even have a drink at 11a in the morning. But it wouldn’t be fun, it wouldn’t match the moment every morning when I picked my phone up and said, “Ya, Andy tell me…”

Miss you MEC / mc2

More than anything, I’ll miss you Andy… God bless you for all those good things you have done to me !!