Monday, February 19, 2007

Entrepreneurial Generation

Here is a thread to an interesting speech made by Jeff Cornwall, Director of the Belmont University, Center for Entrepreneurship.

It is an interesting read.


Anonymous said...

Dear Raja, Although this promises to be an interesting topic for discussion there seems to be rather marginal contributions, if any, to this grave subject - I wonder why? I think it needs a major relaunch and perhaps wider dissemination in an entrepreneurial manner that should and would stimulate much wider debate on the Entrepreneurial Generation.

Madichie said...

This is an ineteresting topic that has unfortunately failed to generate enough interest. I wonder whether there might be a paradox here as the entrepreneurial genius that should normally engender much debate seems to be lacking. I only stumbled on this topic after a full year that it was originally posted and have every intention of making sure the debate does not abate. I urge every entrepreneurially minded person or group of persons to get involved in providing their views on the supposed Entrepreneurial Generation. It is a contemporary terminology akin to the "Generation C" identified in the Call for papers on Management Decision - an Emerald imprint for 2008. Come on Entrepreneurs - rise to the challenge!!!