Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Answer - Cricket Trivia

Whoa... What an overwhelming response, thanx a ton for those 91 pageviews and the 61 unique visitors (among which, one was me. And I was responsible for about 12 page views!!). Ironic none complied to the call for action, to reply to the question. Thanx a ton again for all you guys gals who came here to see the question and apologies for posting the answer late...

The question asked was...

Matthew Hayden called Harbajan Singh an obnoxious little weed.

What would he have called had it been Robin Uthappa or Sreesanth?

And the answer is...

Mouth Ki Saudagar

These two guys should be the official Spokespeople of the team. For, they just talk.. Oh, sorry it should be "They just blabber".

Ps: Breaking news today!! Uthappa can't wait to play test cricket.

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