Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cut the crap

“Why don’t you ‘cut the crap’ and say only what you want to?”

“Cut the crap” - A very commonly used term when we want to shut someone off, when we don’t like something said.

I use it, you use it and, we use this phrase quite very often. Somewhere, somehow I feel that this usage wrong. By saying “cut the crap” we don’t quite express what we actually want to. To put it simply it is a misusage.

Now let me explain why.

What happens when you cut the crap? Even thinking about it makes you feel sick, Is is not?

It still is crap. But in smaller quantities or to be a bit gross, present in portions. But that crap isn’t done away. You barely manage to reduce the amount.

The result – Crap is crap, whatever quantities you might find it in. It still stinks.

So what should be the correct usage.

You should do away with crap / nonsense.

Which is “Cut the crap off”

So next time you use this phrase say “Cut the crap off” in full. It would only then make sense.

And now I would cut this crap off.

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