Sunday, November 05, 2006

Falling down (1993)

Actors: Michael Douglas, Robert Duvall
Dir: Joel Schumacher

The story of two people Bill – The vigilante, who feels cheated & rejected by the world and thinks he could set things right in a wrong world and Sgt. Prendergast – The police officer who is struggling to balance his life between a mentally ill, domineering wife and his fellow departmental colleagues who see him as a meek, misfit in the force.

Bill chances upon various kind of arms, from a baseball bat to a butterfly knife to an assortment of firearms. And Sgt. Prendergast on his last day sets out to stop Bill.

So how does Bill react, how many does he kill, does he achieve what he wants?

Does Sgt. Prendergast manage to change his colleagues perception on him at his last day in office?

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