Sunday, November 05, 2006

Favorite movies

I was looking at my blog profile a couple of days ago. I thought the favorite movie(s) section where I have put up 4 of my favorite movies doesn't exactly reflect on my preferences.

I realized that I watch a minimum of about 6 – 9 movies a good week and at least once in two weeks I have a new movie that joins my list of favorites. This means that at the end of every year I must have about 26 movies that have entered the favorite category.

Remembering this ever growing 26 would be a improbable task. And threfore, from here on I am planning to put up the names of the movies I watch and the details like actors / director and a short note on the movie on my blog.


Reel Fanatic said...

That sounds like a good idea .. I always like to get recommendations, so I'll have to check back!

Anonymous said...

Dear Raja Bar ada waja,

Please include:
- year of release
- manhours spent in production and post-productions
- cinema release year
- dvd release year
- dvd specs, including the format of the disc, it's density and versatality
- the audio languages the disc is audible in, that is the no. of languages into the running time divided by the no. of actors and extras in the film
- last but not least, the available space on the dvd so we can record some other funny clips to dvd so money will not go to wasting

Adrianov Zinkorovski