Monday, October 22, 2007

It's back again...

The latest of the Indian cricket captains, Mahendra Dhoni is currently talking about player burnout.

Too much of cricket = lots of hardwork = I should speak to the media, and like his captains before Mr Dhoni also feels the pinch, for his team...

I had done a piece about this some time ago, which talks about burnout and its financial implications...

Burnout, for me is as diabolic a word that could take many meanings as anybody's imagination would workout. I wouldn't mind burning out the Dhoni way. For, with the money I would get paid would secure my life for the next 3 generations at least.

Barking dogs never bite. My mother told me when I was 4...

Mr Dhoni stop barking about burnout and concentrate on your job.

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PRabhu S said...


Hi! Quite a detailed analysis.
Enjoyed reading it.
as usual quite aggressive views.

My overall view on this topic is that the matches have to reduce.
Not just from a burn out possibility, but from an audience interest as well

That said, do the players want it reduced really, I am divided on that one...despite
your aggressive views.

From their point of view, I think burn out is real. There is an overdose of matches.
Unlike Australia, Indian Players may be a little apprehensive of sitting out for a few matches
as the selectorial moods could make them sit out permanently
( like the current talk of getting Dravid out of the team)

From a board point of view, it is unlikely matches will be reduced because
every match brings in several crores.

However, if Dhoni has talked about a burn out possibility, i think it is real and genuine
and you must give him the benefit of doubt.

It is difficult to play day in day out, though football professionals seem to be doing that in England
And I think it is a little too harsh to compare corporate employees and sporting professionals

On the point of 'they made the choice to play(no one forced them to)'- while that is true, it is also only fair that
they must be give a decent break from work/game( like corporate employees).

If your data of Indian cricketers playing just 100 odd days in a year is correct, it does seem that is a reasonable number to play
and with a good rotation system, playing every 3rd day of the year may not be too much.

However, add the pressure( crowd, media, selectors...) and it may be a little too much....

Let me think a little more on this and write back..