Tuesday, November 27, 2007


As many, I am a big fan of the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) for its ability to issue amusingly brilliant and quixotic diktats about people playing / representing ICL (Indian Cricket League) organised by the Essel Group.

We already know that BCCI has banned the players, budding, present and former representing ICL from taking part in any BCCI (and ICC) sponsored events. Here are some more diktat ideas for the BCCI to crush ICL to dust.

1. Nobody, TV, Press or Web can cover the ICL. If someone dares to then they wouldn’t be allowed to cover (why cover, even inside the venue) any BCCI sponsored event. They would be banned for life

2. The photographers who took part in the ICL sponsored photoshoot are banned for from shooting any BCCI sponsored event, players or families

3. The brand of the equipments used by the photographers of the ICL shoot is banned for life from sponsoring, supplying and being present in any manner in any BCCI sponsored event

4. Viewers watching ICL matches live on TV sets would be banned for life from watching BCCI sponsored matches on TV (BCCI has the Pawar and authority to seek and destroy those TV sets). Those watching highlights would be banned from watching BCCI sponsored events for 5 years

5. People who go to the stadium to watch the ICL matches would be banned for life from watching, buying tickets or being present in any area that is 5km radius from a stadium where a BCCI sponsored event is being held

6. The supplier of cricket balls for the ICL matches cannot henceforth supply either match or practice balls for any BCCI sponsored event or team. They would be banned for life

7. The cricketing equipment manufacturers whose equipments are used by the ICL contracted players would henceforth be banned for life from supplying equipment for the BCCI sponsored players, academies or events

8. The grass supplier who laid the turf in the stadia used by ICL for their practice or matches is banned for life. They henceforth can't either supply grass, water grass or undertake maintainance work in any of the BCCI sponsored pitches, lawns and meadows

9. The advertising agency which worked on the ICL branding and publicity is henceforth banned for life from doing any work for BCCI or any of its affiliates. It is futher stated that clients handled by this agency or its sister concern cannnot be present in any of the BCCI sponsored events unless they issue a public apology for being with the above said agency and severe all their relations with the agency with immediate effect

10. It is reported that a college in Chennai has allowed ICL to use their facilities for practice, this is unacceptable and unpardonable according to the bylaws of BCCI. Henceforth any student, old or new and staff from that college in Chennai would be banned for life from taking part in any BCCI sponsored event. However relief would be granted for those who severe their connections with the institution by either resigning or tearing their certificates issued by the college. These people can return back to the BCCI fold provided they write "BCCI is a winner. ICL is always a loser" 2,500 times in the paper provided by BCCI for this purpose

While this list can go on, I stop with 10 points and leave the rest to your imagination. I intend to send the list to the officials of BCCI soon and I am sure they would put these recommendations before a select committee of former Indian captains and implement it at the soonest.


Bhaskar Khaund said...

hilarious ! great stuff !!
some more please....cheers

PRabhu S said...


Superb one.

You have hit me on all fronts- my college, my work(agency)....

Enjoyed reading this.

One thing i am saved is the 'watching front'. Thankfully i dont get that channel and dont intend watching these matches.


Anonymous said...

sir you look like an agent for BCCI, actually I think you are Sharad Pawar.... good to see your brain work :)

Screw BCCI

Anonymous said...

In that case BCCI should ban Sachin also coz he has contacts with Lara. And i heard Sachin is good friend of Lara. :)
BCCI think they are gods.. and can rule anyone. idoits. After british-rajya.. now its BCCI rulling us.

Satya said...


for writing all these I'm afraid you will ever be allowed to write or say the word BCCI ever again....

he he

good one man.

Anonymous said...

Point 11. The country/state/city wich will allow ICL to use its land, BCCI will not keep any contacts with that country/state/city.

In that case BCCI will leave India and ICL will take over.

Anonymous said...

hi, nice to to your article - very funny. Can I place that on my site, www.iamjeet.com along with your name and link? Please let me know. My email: info@bangalorebeats.com


Arun Prasad R said...

Can not stop laughing. Believe me BCCI will/can go that crazy. There are some shrewd;) people over there in BCCI, who could take up your recommendation in Annual General Meeting.

kamrul hasan said...

hi miss Raja B after reading this article it seems to me that you would shine if u were elected person in India. However, i know you are very good business man. i will suggest u to join with ICL to become more richer.

ZENER said...

Flash News from BCCI: BCCI representatives have already contacted Sergey Brin and Laary Page of Google to remove this Blog and term Raja B as a rebel in blogging.


ZENER said...

Hey RajaB

Can I put this post on my blog?