Thursday, May 25, 2006

Don't control your emotions

Emotion – I'mowshun “Any strong feeling”

When I get emotional, I laugh, cry, get angry, smile, curse, abuse. The list goes on…

Why does one get emotional?

Well, one gets emotional when a particular thing attracts or affects him positively or negatively (Well I don’t know if I have got the definition of why one get emotional but am sure I am kind of right saying this. Correct me otherwise)

So why should one get emotional speaking over a phone? There could be many reasons…

1) I got a 200% hike (what a thought?!!)
2) I spoke to my friend of 25 years after 24 years
3) I won a lottery of $ 10m

Or to simply put it. I got something I was always longing for, which I never expected to happen in the immediate future.

So what happens when my mobile service provider gives me incoming as well as outgoing calls free?

I would get happy, emotional, uncontrollably emotional even if this offer is only restricted to those outgoing calls where I call some one who is a subscriber of the network I patronize within a geographical boundary.

Why? Because I could laugh, cry, get angry, curse, abuse speaking to someone I know without having to spend a pie.

This is precisely the route the new TATA Indicom commercial has taken (Again, this one is also from the kitchen of Sajan. My friend, classmate)


It follows a father who is away from his daughter. The first time the father tries calling her, the daughter speaks fast, asks her dad to control his emotion and keeps the phone down.

The reason. The daughter doesn’t want her father spend too much being a jabberwocky. Outgoing calls are expensive and that too when you are roaming out of your town / base.

This happens the second time too.

In India everyone is very concerned about their mobile bills. And that too if someone is a frequent traveler then he / she must definitely expect a fat bill courtesy the roaming charges.

The third time the father’s driver dials the daughter’s number for him. The driver tells the daughter about the new offer from TATA Indicom, free outgoing and incoming throughout Tamil Nadu between TATA Indicom phones.

This time the daughter asks her father not to control his emotions but keep talking till he could.

The reasons are obvious.

This is again a commercial using celebrities, not one but two this time. Luckily again both are established film stars. Here again the product isn’t hijacked by the celebrities but they play a part magnifying the product benefits.

So ask anyone who saw this commercial what he / she understood.

The answer would be simple “Don’t control your emotions”.

And the product benefit, even a kid would say “A TATA Indicom connection lets you communicate as long as you can***”

*** The voiceover clearly says that this offer is only when the caller and called are both inside Tamil Nadu.

How better and clearer would you want a communication to be?

Second one in a row by Sajan, keep it up buddy. I must also appreciate / congratulate the person who wrote the brief, this must be one of the best briefs that person has ever written.

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