Thursday, May 04, 2006

In pursuit of a corner office

I read an interesting post thanks to Russell Davies about the early bird getting the corner office. He had listed 6 industry captains and when they wake-up with the title “The early bird gets the corner office”. I was impressed and as everyone would I too want a corner office. I decided today that I would get to office early and I hit office by 7.00a today. For doing so I had to wake up by 5.00a. Here I am trying to list down the pros and cons I found in my first day of the new experiment.


1. I beat the Dubai traffic. While it takes about 1.30 to 2 hrs to reach my office normally it took me half an hour this morning.

2. I was the first one to read the newspapers that are made available in my office. Normally it is pretty messy after at least about 5-6 servings.

3. I had nobody but me in the office. So I started working at peace and finished what I should have in the first part early.

4. I must certainly have impressed a few of my clients. I mailed back to their queries unusually early in the day.

5. Being early morning it was not all that hot in Dubai.

6. Had an early breakfast because I had to leave. So I would feel hungry by 12.30p and I wouldn’t miss lunch today. My wife would be happy!!

7. I had to reply to one of my bosses mails. So when he sees the time when this mail was sent he might be impressed. May be I get a good appraisal and a hike soon!!


1. I found it extremely difficult waking up. It is not that I have never seen 5a, but that was when I played serious cricket for going to practice. Now the scene is different and very difficult.

2. I had to listen to some stupid early morning shows in the FM radio here, unusually I preferred the Hindi radio today. The RJ was irritatingly loud and was laughing loud for her own stupid cracks.

3. I had to open the office. Being the first one to reach I had to.

4. I had to pick-up all the newspapers scattered in front of the office, arrange them in the reception. That was before I read it.

5. I felt extremely lonely. I think I would get used to this. The server was making a strange noise, a combination of a bees buzz and a distant pneumatic drill.

6. Finally I had to clean-up my desk. I found it very messy for once, when I entered office today. I had time, so I had to clean my desk. While my colleagues would be happy for me, I have a back pain cleaning the mess.

Summarizing my experimentation being an early bird

I think I would try doing so for a week so and then evaluate. But unfortunately I read Mr Tim Harford who writes “Dear Economist” in FT (thanks again to Russell Davis for making me read Tim). This was about getting to office early (first) and leaving late (last). And I quote him here “I have a word of advice and a word of caution. If you want to play this game, my own research suggests that the competition will become easier to win as the year draws on and your rivals use up their reserves of energy and spousal goodwill. Take it easy at first and only burn the midnight oil once your rivals are getting divorced.
But perhaps you should not play at all. This is a competition likely to be won by whomever is most optimistic about the prospects for a juicy raise. Optimists tend to be disappointed.”
Now, I am reconsidering my decision to hit office early. May be I would get an answer once I am a beer or two down this weekend.

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