Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My experiments with a creative brief

In my last 7 years of advertising, direct marketing and out of home experimentation, I have written countless briefs for the brands I have handled.

But there are a few that I think are worthy. Out of these few worthy ones, some were really satisfying - Accepted by client, worked upon and have provided fruitful results for the brand. Many have gone to the bin.

And some are those I really didn't want to work on as I knew that they would be a waste of money for the client. This I thought is an interesting segment to look at.

I wanted to see in retrospect as to

1) Why I didn't like to do that work?

2) If I didn't like it, then what did I do?

3) If I did something to express my displeasure, then what happened? Did the campaign go on as expected or did the client and my folks in my agency agreed with my point of view and scrap the campaign.

So for the next two posts a postmortem of situations where I thought I had a good creative brief but the brand didn't fit or the product was not so good and threfore I wanted to scrap the campaign & dump my brief.

Did I manage to pull my briefs back or did I loose my battle & the campaign rolled on?

Let's see over the next two posts.

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