Saturday, June 24, 2006

A good brief…

I saw this movie Munnabhai MBBS again, in Hindi. This is probably the 20th time I’m watching this movie in any language. It was fantastic as usual. But this time I looked at it in a different perspective, as a creative product from an agency.

So I had a question for myself…

What would the brief have been for this creative product?

The answer I had

"There are human beings and there are doctors

And here we have, a humane doctor who is not qualified…"

(almost all of us think doctors (medicos) are somewhat superhuman, if not explicitly at least within ourselves, subconsciously)

Supporting this proposition (I cooked) is one dialogue in this movie, almost towards the end of it…

“You might not be a doctor, but you showed people how to live”

Most of us should be agreeing that the moral of any story (the proposition) comes towards the end (of any story / movie). I hope I am justified, let me know your views.

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