Thursday, June 29, 2006

Great Idea, Great Execution... I love it

While I don't understand the language I could relate to the action perfectly. I was reminded of my childhood days when I played tennis ball cricket in our streets.

Though I didn't have the luxury of calling out for the stars and getting them play with us like these kids do, I did most of the other things the kids here do, like...

1. Fighting with the opposing captain (kid) to select the team with the best of the resources available among us.

2. Fight for the boundaries and wickets, cry foul when you don't get what you wanted.

3. And most importantly... pull off, with your stumps, bat and ball when your mother calls you in, leaving the other players high and dry...

I love this commercial. Amazingly planned and superbly executed. Great work, I would have loved to do myself.

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Sajan said...

couldnt see the commerical....quick time plug-in not found...tried installing/downloading everything but still couldnt see it...cud u give me another link where i can see it?