Saturday, May 30, 2009

Anirudhha's response to facebook quizzes

The Facebook quizzes facinate me, especially the identify the brand ones.

I always thought they were pretty basic and even my three and a half year old son, Anirudhha would score 95%+ in those. So I put together some 33 logos to test how he fared.

So here's how he scores when showed him logos of cars.

He answered 32/33 which is 96.96%. The Tambram parent I am, I am a bit concerned about the score.

I am worried about the 3% that was not, more than the 97% that was !!


Prabhu.S said...

Too Good. Congrats


Gaurav Sethi said...


when older, and in dilli, he will discover car-o-bar!

RajaB said...

Thank you Prabhu & NC !!

The credit should actually go to RoopaK...

@NC... Thanks for your wishes of a car-o-bar !! The greedy father I am I would hope for a car-o-bar(A/C) !!!

Unknown said...

exellent, Anirudhha. yr I Q is150+