Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An interesting stroke

Chennai Superkings playing Kings Eleven Punjab

With 56 runs required of 24 balls, it was Brett Lee's turn to face Suresh Raina.

The first ball of the 16th was plonked for a boundary, the second ball. Did he try a pull or did he try to cut the ball over point?

Whatever it was he missed the ball completely only to do some last minute adjustments to reach the ball back straight to the bowler.

Now, one could see an interesting expression on Lee's face. Gesticulating with his left hand like he was hitting the ball while his mouth saying "Tonk".

That reminded me of one of my childhood friends. I have never seen him connect bat to ball, but would promply replay the shot he had tried to and do that well connected in the middle of the bat sort of "Tonk".

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