Friday, May 22, 2009

Face of the Indian youth

Firstly, this is post is not about cricket.

The twelfth man is extremely disappointed about what happened in IPL today. No, not that he is a Delhi supporter and Deccan won today. It was because his wife and son wouldn't let him watch the match, the whole match... Damn it!!

He missed the match okay. But he also missed three other things because of that which is not okay.

1) That gem of an innings from Gilly

2) How astutely Jatman handled his bowlers

3) His regular IPL feature "B the moment of the match"

Okay, now that we have done our days lip service to cricket let us move on.

Move on to another important thing that happened in Delhi today. The new Indian cabinet was sworn in today, all the Indian media is filled with stories. Some stories about the swearing in and many about the first family of Indian politics, the Nehru -(Feroz) Gandhi parivar.

This is one such story that I found in one of those Padmashree infested Indian news TV channels.

Now, the "She" here is Sonia Gandhi...

"On one occasion she even poked fun at Rahul, when someone asked her whether there was a future roadmap for the Congress. "Ask him," pointing to her 38-year-old son, "He should be knowing." Pat came the reply. "Why are you passing questions to me? That's not fair," said Rahul Gandhi"

Brilliant, the question that comes to The twelfth man's mind is, "Why is heirloom written in capital letters on the face of every Indian youth in politics ??. Where are the other youth, someone non family, in a supposedly young country ?? A country full of youth ??"

Think of a name irrespective of the party, it is all full of dynasties and families.

Congress, BJP, DMK, NCP, Akali Dal, Indian Lok Dal it's there everywhere.

We know it, we all know it, but still we vote for them. The worst yet, we take sides accuse someone a Hitler and we fight among ourselves, while we all know that there has been a Hitleress (feminine gender!!) & her Hitler Junior before.

We love when the aspiration of bright young kids are killed, plastered on to the roads like those carcasses of small animals on a highway because of what our politicians call "Affirmative action".

Why?? Because the politician wants to affirm his love to the downtrodden??

No, it is because those are the people who are a good majority when it comes to his / her constituency, the people who provide them that winning edge.

Let me ask you something, only to those of us who go to temples. Have you ever thought about how wealthy or prosperous the Pujari / priest of the temple is?? What his progeny do?? I know a couple, whose dreams have been squashed on the highway.


Because the "caste" column in their birth certificate said BRAHMIN.

This guy earns all of Rs.600 plus those ones and twos we drop in his aarti plate (offerings to the man who serves god). With his salaries he can't even have three square meals, two glasses of coffee (himself) and a daily newspaper. Still he has managed to educate his kids, and they have managed to do well till, the dear politicians we support decided to squash their dreams. I am sure we will forget all these.

Come next elections we might even vote for that party who we think are the outcasts of today. For, they might touch our emotional chords deep, a bit deeper than the others.

We would still not vote for those independent candidates with impeccable credentials. Ala Meera Sanyal, Capt. Gopinath or a Saratbabu.

Why, because they have no chance if winning. WTF, if you and me don't vote for them then HTF would they win??

The quintessential Indian mentality, we don't do or even attempt something but blame when something happens. We have seen those who lead candlelight vigils, post the Mumbai happenings sleeping soundly after a particularly heavy night before voting and there are some among us who had signed in or those of us who toasted "Cheers" to a Pink Chaddi but defeated the Prima Donna who stitched the Pink Chaddi first place (in the elections).

So what are we ??

Are we puppies who follow some dynasty and make them THE chosen ones ??

Till when do we want to live up to the tag of Indians being emotional idiots??

Being someone who stands erect and gets goose bumps every time "Jana Gana Mana..." plays (not withstanding the fact that it was written in praise of King George) because it my dear national anthem, I am ashamed.

I would rather remix that "song" to a club hit mix and get a couple of hundreds jiving to it than simply getting goose bumps and getting scratched all over bloodily by those useless politicians.

And long live the youth of India. Excuse me !! It is not you & me but some chosen one from those select few families.

Jai Hind !!

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Guidence Note said...

Easy my friend we should see deeds and not selections be it current leaders or those who would lead in future. Meaning my friend is importent and not for whole or who inspired the poem. And be attentive of what you can deliver for India