Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Did I say it would be 3 - 1 for Germany?

Well it has been a disappointing first half, at least for me who said the Germans would win 3 - 1.

35 minutes of first half play is over as I write this blog. The scoreline is 0 - 0.

But my worry is the state of affairs till now.

Italy has had a greater share of ball possession, 59% till now. They have also had "3" shots on the goal as opposed to "0" by the Germans. Italians till now have forced "4" corner kicks as opposed to "1" by the Germans.

As I finish this post in the 39th minute, Italians have forced another corner (5 overall) and they have had a freekick.

Germans need to improve a lot to win this match.

Italy dominating.

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