Sunday, July 02, 2006

Who’ll go to Berlin?

We have four teams now, was wondering who will play in the finals and who might win.

And this is what I have got to say.


Germany (Vs.) Italy – Germany 9:2
Portugal (Vs.) France – Portugal 3:2

Final line-up, winner and odds

Germany (Vs.) Portugal – Portugal 3:2
Germany (Vs.) France – France 5:4

Italy (Vs.) Portugal – Portugal 1:4
Italy (Vs.) France – France 4:9

In my opinion there are only three teams now running for the cup (in the same order).

1) Portugal
2) Germany
3) France

Italy’s odds are a bit too high at this point in time.

So my pick, it will be Germany (Vs.) Portugal in Berlin. And it will be a closely fought final, must be physical as well.

Vinay M says Germany. I say Portugal.

Let the best team win.

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