Monday, July 10, 2006

"It is a reckless act of idiocy"

That is how the commentator described Zinedine Zidane's red card winning effort.

It was probably a moment of grave disgrace for the game of football, the world cup 2006. It was a shocking end to what is supposed to be a momentous career of one of the finest footballers of all time.

I heard one spectator saying on TV "I was looking up to this guy in the league of Pele & Maradona and now..." Ironically he was a France supporter.

For me Italy winnning the cup was completely overshadowed by the dard clouds of Zidane's red card.

Which champion player on earth would loose his cool on field to head butt an opponent? It was appalling to see a player of his caliber do this and choosing the worldcup finals as the stage to do this act is distasteful.

Zidane's antihero act overshadows the fitting winner of the Worldcup 2006, Italy. They worked hard, improved by the game to give a superb performance in the finals, first to equalise France's goal by Zidane (by a debatable penalty) and then take the game to penalties past the extratime and win it.

In the end it was very well done World champs Italy,
And disgrace to Zidane

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