Saturday, July 08, 2006

Home coming

I felt at home when I met them. It was at least 5 years ago since I had missed them.

I was his cricket captain and drinking partner for a while. They got married and had left to Dubai in search of greener pastures. They made an ideal couple, a practical husband and a pragmatic wife. The moment they moved to Dubai and I lost touch. I moved to Dubai an year ago, I had forgotten they were here.

It was a couple of weeks ago when this long lost friend figured I was in Dubai. He gave me a call, abused me for not calling him (a little too much, and for a while) and not even trying to figure out where he was. This in spite of me knowing he had moved to Dubai. And then we made up and decided to meet, this meeting has been happening for the last couple of weeks before it materialised & we decide to meet, today (07.07.2006) . And when we did meet, it was a memorable occasion (meeting) on many counts.

Thank you, Prince & Ann. It was quite an experience meeting you guys.

This meeting made me aware of your daughters birthday (she’s going to be 2 next week), tell you that I’m married and I have a son who would be 1 a couple of months from now. This meeting also made us reminisce about our days back in JWT and Wunderman (and Ogilvy) and talk about all and sundry (including those couple of your classmates / college mates I met there).

I am privileged to have been invited home with (my) family. I’m keen to meet you guys home.

Thank you very much Prince. It was so kind of you to have called me on for a meet (and a drink).

I have off late, been in love with having a picture with every post here. I rue myself to have not taken a picture of the couple to post.

Hope I do that at least the next time I meet you guys.

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