Friday, July 07, 2006

How is this for an embarrassment?

You are sitting in a meeting at your client’s.

The head of marketing and an array of other executives are lined around the table in the clients conference room.

You are discussing an important point with the client as you are having your cup of coffee.

Suddenly the coffee gets in to your windpipe badly asphyxiating you.

You are forced to spit the coffee allover the conference table at the full glare of your top client and 4 of his counterparts.

You take 15 minutes to get over the choking effect you undergo. Coughing, tears flowing and sweating badly.

One you get over with it, you realize where you are and what you have done. There is a stunning silence around.


Then, when the meeting gets over the client says “Thank you very much for coming, And thank you for spitting all over my table. It was nice having you here.”

This happened to me today. It happened to me at one of the most valued & important clients place. During an important meeting.

At the end of the meeting I thought I recovered well to respond to my clients thank you note saying “Thank you very much, I’m extremely sorry for what happened. I’ll make sure I do it better next time.”

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