Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Looking beyond the worldcup blogs...

I just figured that the football worldcup kept me a bit too busy blogging. Never before as you could notice have I blogged more than 2 times a day. But I suddenly got football crazy, starting the semifinal stage and I notice that there have been days when I even posted some 4-5 blogs.

The football made Wimbledon look like a poor stepchild, not only on my blog but everywhere. I noticed that nobody in my office spoke even one word about tennis.

There were no junk mails of those tennis starlets in their fabulous attire, mind boggling which are prevalent during the tennis season. May be the Anna Kournikova's are gone but there still are a couple of players who are worth a few junk mails and a couple of good, visually appealing JEPG's.

I even got a couple of junks about the dangers of driving without a seatbelt during this time, but tennis was surely missing. Thanks to football.

The mood even reflected in client meetings. Who will win?, Who would take home the Golden boot? have been FAQs. No meeting during this time started or ended without a 15 minute worldcup talk / analysis. Thank god meetings would be meetings from now on. Lots of Coffee, biscuits and some business.

Even the household chores changed a bit. There wasn't a morning when my wife didn't ask me if I were coming back for dinner or I am going somewhere to watch football. And there wasn't a night when she forgot to ask me who won, who scored and who was sent off.

Roopa is now football savvy, she knows exactly why Zidane got his red card, How Italy won and more importantly she knows that a person red carded can't be present during the prize distribution. Such has been the power of football.

And now it's time for us to move ahead, Germany is gone and South Africa 2010 is a while from now.

There is going to be some cricket in a while from now (and lots of it in the coming months), there would also be other interesting stuff that might pop in from time to time.

So bye, bye football. See you later.

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