Thursday, July 06, 2006

Portugal will go to Stuttgart

France go to Berlin for the finals and would play Italy.

The final score, 1 - 0 for France. It was a Zidane penalty kick in the 33rd minute. Seemed like Henry was fouled inside the Portugese box and the referee showed the dreaded spot. The replays were inconclusive but the referees decision as we all know is final and 1 - 0 is the final result in favor of France.

Figo's Portugal played very well, in fact they seemed better in all aspects of the game but finishing. Figo himself was to blame when he missed a simple second half header to level scores. Overall it was a good game of Football and someone had to go to Berlin and France prevailed.

The Portugese tried some opera like stunts to grab the referees attention and get a few penalty kicks as reward. But the referee today was stern and watchful. Scolari as usual was animatedly superb, unfortunate we wouldn't see his antics in Berlin.

I for sure would miss Figo in Berlin. But I'm pretty sure Zidane, Henry & Thuram would make-up for that loss.

Well done France.

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